Lines Clock
Simple clean face, short lines for minutes, long lines for hours. Yota Kakuda for Lemnos Made in Lemnos
Riki Wood Alarm Clock
. Riki Watanabe for Lemnos Made in Japan 4.3" dia × 4.5" h × 2.2" d Beech, ABS resin, Glass AA Battery (included)   Lemnos
Campagne Clock
Slightly slanted wood frame and silent seiko sweep movement. Lemnos Made in Japan 11.6" dia x 1.97"h   Lemnos
Toki Gray Clock
Silent sweep movement. AWATSUJI design for Lemnos Made in Japan 10" dia × 2" d 1.3 pounds Plywood, glass Lemnos
Chiisana Copper Clock
, 1970 Made in Japan by Lemnos 4.8"Dia x 2.8"W Material: Pure Copper, ABS Resin, Glass Silent sweep movement   Lemnos
Riki Wall Clock
Minimalist wall clock with silent sweep movement. Riki Watanabe, Lemnos Made in Japan Plywood and Glass 14.3" dia x 1.8" w Lemnos
Earth Clock, Pale Pink or Light Grey
Tactile timekeeper. Cast from silicon dioxide (SiO2). Lemnos Made in Japan 10" diameter (2" depth) Lemnos
Earth Desk Clock
Tactile timekeeper for your desk or shelf. Cast from silicone oxide. Lemnos Made in Japan Silent sweep movement 5.5” H x 5.35” W x 2.3” D lemnos
Miki Clock
included stand. Lemnos Made in Japan 148 mm dia × 62 mm depth 420 grams Silent sweep movement Lemnos
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